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Web's Best Easy and Light Tiramisu Recipe

Admittedly, this east and light tiramisu recipe has a mere dusting of chocolate, but it's delicious, nontheless.

Trivia: The name Tiramisu means "pick me up" in Italian.

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Easy and Light Tiramisu Recipe


3/4 cup light cream
4 tbsp confectioners' sugar
1 cup mascarpone
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbsp Marsala (a wine produced in Sicily), brandy or Tia Maria
1/3 cup strong coffee or expresso, which has been cooled
two dozen Ladyfingers
unsweetened cocoa powder

Tip: If you want to make the traditional, richer version of tiramisu, use whipping cream instead of light cream.


Add three tablespoons of sugar to the cream, then whip until blended. Whipping and blending is easy if you have a good quality mixer like the KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, White. Next, add the vanilla extract and one tablespoon of the Marsala.

Place the last tablespoon of sugar in the coffee and stir. Add the remaining Marsala.

You will need serving glasses. These Bormioli Rocco Alaska Dessert Bowls are nice.

Take four lady fingers and dip them in the coffee mixture. Next, line them in one of the serving glasses, breaking into pieces if necessary. Spread a layer of the Marsala mixture over top. Continue making layers of ladyfingers and Marsala until the dish is filled.

Drizzle the remaining coffee mixture over the top. Dust with the sifted cocoa powder and chill well.

When its serving time, insert a couple of lady fingers into each dish of this light and easy tiramisu recipe.

Wiltons pans; specialty pans. Check here for hard-to-find specialty bakeware items.

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