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Recipe for Tiger Butter Candy

This recipe for tiger butter candy has only three ingredients and is easy to make. It makes a great hostess gift or a nice snack for those with a sweet tooth.

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Tip #2: It is best to shy away from white chocolate chips for this recipe. They will not melt readily. For top notch results, use good quality white chocolate.

Tiger Butter Candy Recipe

The recipe makes approximately 150 pieces of candy.


1 pound of white chocolate
1 pound semisweet chocolate
1 1/3 cups of peanut butter (the crunchy kind is best)


Chop up the white chocolate into small pieces.

Melt the semisweet chocolate and set aside.

Line a jelly roll pan (10 inch by 15 inches) with parchment paper.

For the next step, you will need a good double boiler.

Place water in the bottom of the double boiler, being sure that the water does not touch the top pan. Bring this water to a simmer but do not boil.

Add the chopped white chocolate and the peanut butter to the top of the double boiler .Stir until these ingredients melt and blend together.

Pour this mixture into the lined jelly roll pan.

Pour the melted semi sweet chocolate over top, making a number of s-shapes. Using a knife, swirl this around to marble.

Refrigerate this mixture until it sets, then cut into pieces that are approximately one inch square.

This tiger butter candy makes a great gift when placed in a decorative tin or container.

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