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Mold Chocolate: Best Recipes for Chocolate Molds

So you want to mold chocolate?

And why not? Molding chocolate is easy to do, and delicious to eat.

Tip #1: Before you pour the molds, the chocolate must be melted and tempered. You’ll find directions for tempering chocolate here.

Tip #2: Your finished mold is only as good as the quality of chocolate you use. To mold chocolate, you require a fine couverture, such as you can get at - The World's Largest Chocolate Marketplace.

The Callebaut milk chocolate, available in blocks or callets is a particularly good value for the price when you want to mold chocolate.


To mold tempered chocolate, follow the instructions below:

  1. Spoon melted chocolate into the molded cavity. An easier way, especially if you are making small items such as candies, is to squeeze it into the cavity using a squeeze bottle.
  2. Place the chocolate mold in the freezer (the refrigerator works too, but the freezer gives you a shinier finish). Chill until hard. Leave it in the freezer for as long as you like. You cannot overchill.
  3. Remove chocolate from mold by turning mold upside down and gently tapping bottom.

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