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Chocolate December Birthday Cake

A birthday in December calls for a very special chocolate December birthday cake. Designed with the shape of a Christmas tree or Holiday tree, this cake is resplendent with coconut 'needles', snow tipped branches, gumdrop decorations and candles.

Trivia: Gumdrops, used to decorate this cake, are often a key ingredient in making gingerbread houses.

Tip: For best results, always use good quality chocolate for your cakes.

Chocolate December Birthday Cake


One 9 inch square chocolate cake, made from a mix or completely home baked.

Ingredients: Frosting

3 tablespoons butter
4 cups unsifted icing sugar
5 tablespoons milk
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1 cup flaked coconut
1/2 teaspoon green food coloring
2 tablespoons warm water
tiny colored gumdrops

Method : Cake

Bake your cake and cool it.

The first step is to cut it to form a tree. To do this, you begin by cutting it in half crosswise. Take the first half and make a mark to indicate the center of the long, uncut side. This should be at 4 1/2 inches if you used a nine inch pan.

Cut diagonally from this center mark to each corner. This forms one large triangle and two small triangles.

Cut one of these small triangles in half and set aside. They will eventually form the trunk of the tree.

Take the remaining small triangle and put it on a large tray, placing it in such a way that it will become the top branch of the Christmas tree or holiday tree.

Take the large triangle and place it directly underneath the top branch. It is the second branch. Center it so the top branch is directly in the middle of the second, larger branch.

Set this aside and refer to the remaining half of the cake. Cut two small, two-inch triangles from corners on cut side. Set those tiny triangles aside. Place the remaining half of the cake on the tray, locating it directly underneath the second branch. This now becomes the third or bottom branch. Take the two tiny triangles that you set aside earlier and arrange them to form points at the outer edge of the bottom branch.

Lastly, take the smaller tree trunk triangles that you set aside earlier Place them together to form a rectangle that is the tree trunk. Put this underneath the bottom branch, centering it.

Your tree cake is now assembled.

Method : Frosting

Make the icing by beating together the butter, sugar, milk and almond extract.

Dilute the food coloring with water. Add coconut and toss with a fork until the coconut is tinted green. Dry the coconut on paper towels.

When the coconut is dry, carefully frost the top and sides of the cake. Here's a tip: It's easier to apply the icing if you freeze the cake first.

When top and sides of this birthday cake are frosted, sprinkle the tinted coconut over the top. Do not sprinkle any on the upper portion of each branch. This is the part where snow piles up. The white icing shows through on the branch tops and resembles snow. Decorate the cake with gum drops, and place birthday candles on the branch tips.

This chocolate December birthday cake is so cute -- and you can make it without the candles if you just want a cake for a December party.

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