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Chocotini Recipe for Halloween

This chocotini recipe (aka chocolate martini) is a great drink for the adults after the trick and treaters have gone to bed!

Trivia: Thanks to Travis of Bum Marketing Method for painstakingly developing this recipe to reach its standards of excellence. It was a grueling task but Travis was up to it! LOL

Tip: For best results, always use good quality chocolate.

Chocotini Recipe for Halloween

Ingredients and Method

In Travis' own words:

Fill a martini shaker 2/3 full with CUBED ice.

Pour in:

2 1/2 Shots of your fave Vodka
2 1/2 Shots of Baileys Irish Creme
2 Shots Creme de Cacao
2 Shots Godiva Dark Chocolate

Put the lid on the shaker...and shake GENTLY. (If you shake too hard, you get ice chips in your chocotini.)

Now take 2 large chilled Martini Glasses and swirl some Hershey's Chocolate Syrup around in the glasses. (not too much, it's just for decoration)

Then pour your Chocotini into the two glasses.

If you wanna be real fancy....

Take one of those Andes Chocolate Mints like they give you in a restaurant and grate a few sprinkles over the top. (a cheese grater works great)

Now SLOWLY take your first sip...

Slowly now.

Then feel the warmth rush down your throat and chest....

Warning; this chocotini recipe may make the best chocolate martini you've ever had!

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