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Best Chocolate Drink Recipe: Kentucky Caipirinha

A local restaurant created this yummy cross cultural drink.

Trivia: Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil.

Tip: This chocolate drink recipe calls for Valrhona dark chocolate. This chocolate is a whopping 64% cocoa and that's what makes the drink special. You can get Valrhona online.

Chocolate Drink Recipe: Kentucky Caipirinha

Tip: Use a zester or grater to shave the chocolate.


2 oz. bourbon whiskey

1 heaping tablespoon coarse cane sugar

1/2 fresh lime cut into four wedges with seeds and pith removed

1 small piece of Valrhona dark chocolate



Put the four wedges of lime into an Old Fashioned glass then add the cane sugar. Using a>muddler or pestel, grind the sugar into the fruit. Be sure to crush the fruit enough that you relese the oils and juices.

Pour the spirits into the glass and mix with a bartender's spoon. Add some ice, stir, then add more ice until the glass is filled.

Sprinkle your shaved chocolate over the top and place a trimmed lime wedge over the rim to garnish.

Enjoy your chocolate drink recipe for Kentucky Caipirinha!


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